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Thunder Slot

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ThunderSlot about
ThunderSlot about - Details

ThunderSlot about

more about ThunderSlot on their press site: LINK

to the roots: LINK

all ThunderSlot cars are based on chassis with the
same wheel base,
same width
according to Giovanni the key issue to have in point of racing the very same basics to start of from.

ThunderSlot is the first manufacturer offering the foam rings for the rims,
(as known from radio control)
and also a foam suspension besides the kown spring suspension.

The new developed guide is well appreciated by racers,
also for cars of other brands!

ArtNr. ThunderSlot - about

ThunderSlot spares
ThunderSlot spares - Details

ThunderSlot spares

this is a link to the spares from ThunderSlot

please check for the parts under 
spare parts Thunderslot  or use  LINK

ArtNr. ThunderSlot - spares

ThunderSlot Challenge 2018
ThunderSlot Challenge 2018 - Details

ThunderSlot Challenge 2018

28-29/09/2018 Can-Am ThunderSlot Challenge

please check for more information 
use  LINK

ArtNr. ThunderSlot - Chal 2018

ThunderSlot CanAM Challenge 2019
ThunderSlot CanAM Challenge 2019 - Details

ThunderSlot CanAM Challenge 2019

09/2019 Can-Am ThunderSlot Challenge

please check for more information 
use  LINK
technical rules: LINK

about the race: LINK

ArtNr. ThunderSlot - Chal 2019

Artikel 1 - 4 von 4

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